Wildvixen’s Legends Challenge Extravaganza

Wildvixen’s Legends Challenge Extravaganza

On Saturday 20th April 2019, Wildvixen – Birmingham based Burlesque artist, producer and teacher is putting on an incredible fundraising show featuring some of UK’s best artists!

A’dora Derriere spoke to Wildvixen about her Legends Challenge Extravaganza!

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2015

Wildvixen, this incredible event you produce is in its 4th year, what made you decide to begin this fundraiser in 2016?

I attended the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Las Vegas for the first time in 2015. I was overwhelmed by a sense of community and history that I had never experienced before! The event is 4 nights of the worlds best burlesque. It’s one hell of an experience!

What really struck me though was the Friday nights Titans of Tease showcase. Here, the living legends of Burlesque return to the stage to perform and share their experiences. It was the most inspiring night of my life. Amongst the performances was Camille 2000, the girl for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Before her act World Famous BOB introduced her explaining that Camille had been a classic performer in the 70’s and after 10 years performing became the first Neo performer showcasing a more dark, punk rock style and had been shunned for doing so. I related so much to this story having had the same experience in my career and being told that what I was doing was not “burlesque”. I wept tears of joy seeing her perform in her late 60’s and felt I’d found a home. I immediately decided that as soon as I got home I wanted to help BHoF and their Legends Challenge and produced my first Legends Challenge event in the April of 2016. Since then I have been Camille’s personal escort at the weekend event for the last 3 years and we have become very close. I adore her and even flew her to the UK in 2018 to perform in my Legends Challenge Extravaganza!

Every year that I have run this event I have been in the top 3 fundraisers globally for the Legends Challenge fund and it is an honour to be doing it all again in 2019!

Wildvixen & Camille 2000

Why is it important that these funds are raised by the burlesque community each year? Can you tell us a bit more about BHOF and the legends challenge?

In my opinion, and I’m sure of the BHoF weekend organisers, the weekend event is all about the legends of burlesque and honouring them. Not the competition, the awards, but the history of the event. Jenny Lee and Dixie Evans began this incredible museum to preserve the art form they loved so much and the Miss Exotic World pageant was a way to draw the public to the museum when it was out in the desert at an old goat farm in Helendale, CA.
This tradition continues today and the weekend funds a huge proportion of the cost of running the museum, now located in the Arts District, Las Vegas. It is vital in preserving costumes, photos, and many other artifacts.

Wildvixen, Camille 2000 & Poison Ivory

The Legends Challenge’s raise funds to ensure that the living legends of burlesque are able to attend the weekend and be a part of this global event that truly is a tribute to them and the path they paved for us to be able to do what we all love doing today. Without them, there would be no burlesque industry. Many of these men and women have been retired for a long time and some have long term health conditions.

Without the Legends Challenge fund many would not be able to attend the weekend which really is a reunion and a chance for us as newer performers to meet and personally thank our heros and sheros!
The money raised helps pay for tickets, hotels and even transport for those legends who would be otherwise unable to attend due to the lack of financial aid offered to persons of a certain age.
Lets face it. This event is THEIR event and we are honoured to be able to attend. I for one am dedicated to ensuring I support the Burlesque Hall of Fame and the Legends of Burlesque so this reunion may long continue.

Wildvixen & Toni Elling

The line-up of the legend’s challenge looks amazing! Can you tell us a little more about the show?

My Legends Challenge is at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham on April 20th 2019 and is a self funded event meaning all the money raised goes to the Legends Challenge fund.
All the performers donate their time to this incredible cause, which really shows their dedication to the history of Burlesque and their love for the legends.
This year will be our 4th year and the line up is incredible!
A beautiful eclectic mix of Classic and Neo Burlesque styles, as well as Drag, Side Show and Musical influences celebrating the world of Burlesque and Cabaret!

Hosted by the incredible Dis Charge and starring; MisSa Blue, international sword swallower, side show and burlesque performer who debuted at BHoF in 2018, Lou Safire our resident performer who is as passionate about burlesque history and the legends as I am, Lilly Snatchdragon, Demi Noire, bringing her tribute to Josephine Baker, Ophelia Wilde, Trixie Blue, Coco Devile, Pinkie T’Boo, Cleopantha, Smashlyn Monroe, Fifi La Roux and Wildvixen.

Tickets available at https://www.crescent-theatre.co.uk/theatre-event/?EventID=124932
VIP tickets get you premier seating and a goodie bag – £25
Standard seating £15
Wheelchair accessible venue.
Please call the Crescent Theatre directly for accessible seating on 0121 6435858

Lastly, how can the UK Burlesque community support the Legends Challenge and the Burlesque Hall of Fame?

There are a few ways.
You can become a member of the Burlesque Hall of Fame to support the museum through their website. Membership costs as little as $40 a year and even if you can’t attend the museum or the weekend in Las Vegas you will be helping to preserve the history of burlesque.

You can come to Wildvixen’s Legends Challenge Extravaganza on April 20th! It’s going to be an incredible night and well worth a trip if you’re not local.
Or consider fund raising yourself? Involve a legend in your show? Find out how to be a part of this incredible cause.

My audience at the Legend’s Challenge showcase tends to be prodominantly the general public which is lovely but I’d love to see more performer faces in the audience, supporting the history that gave us the opportunities we have today. Without the legends none of us would be here today.
Please look for me on FB or search Wildvixen’s Legends Challenge Extravaganza and join us this year! xxx



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